Friday, July 30, 2010

a new nail polish combo

The other day I painted my nails with Revlon's Minted. Lovely color, but I think I had enough/too much of it. So yesterday I decided to spice things up. Milani's Cyberspace was the lucky one to do that job :)
and here's what it ended up with (excuse a weird picture with a hand on a carpet - but it was the only spot with good direct sunlight)

I actually like this combo better then both of the nail polishes by themselves. Milani tends to be a bit grayish-blue on the nails when applied by itself. While together they make a lovely turquoise glitter

(see that's what I meant when I said about the only spot with a good lighting ;)))
 How do you spice up your nail colors?

Have a lovely weekend everyone ;)


Carrie said...

i love it. really cute and it's very summery!

i am now you newest follower. Come check out my blog and maybe follow me too? thank you!

Katastrophic said...

Oh that is a lovely color.

I like to mix my polishes too. I keep trying different combinations so I can get my "ideal" color. Haven't achieved it yet but that doesn't stop me from trying. :)

Supergirl said...

I don't like to mix my polishes:) But I have a lot, various shades and always need more:)

Savannah said...

I love those!
Thanks for subscribing to my blog(:



Renee said...

@ I actually didn't mix those two - just layered the glitter one above minted.

@Savannah I like it, that's why I subbed

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