Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skincare routine - July 2010

Being blessed with a sensitive-combination-acne prone skin from my early teens I have been trying out what it seems every skincare item meant for this.  Not a lot of them seemed to work for me. But I learned a lot from this and the most important lesson that learned (excluding “never pick your face”, which every esthetician I’ve been to always tells me, and which I truly believe in and never fallow) is that when your skin is in its worst you should not treat it with the harshest products – they might clear up excising break out, but the skin condition will suffer a lot. For example I personally love how products made with benzoyl peroxide clear up my complexion, but they also are extremely drying for me (regardless its percentage in the product) they also seem to lead to skin thinning, that boosts sensitivity and leads to new breakouts, while dehydration of skin is likely to lead to whiteheads that are not really willing to leave your skin once they appeared.  And I will be extremely happy if someone could advise me how to get rid of them – facials seem to work only for a couple of weeks.

So here’s what I use every day – you can call it my “almost organic” routine

Dr Bronner’s Magic soaps

Their full name is 18-in-1 Hemp Pure-Castile soaps made with organic oil.

I am so glad that Tali posted a review on those ones.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased with any other face wash.  Unlike many other products that seem to improve your skin during the first week of use and then things go back to where they were Dr Bronner’s soaps improve gradually. On the first week I felt that my skin is calming down, on the second the oil level started to even out, on the third blackheads started to vanish (though there are still some on my nose, things keep getting better), I’m not sure about the pore size – some seem to shrink some don’t.  May be that’s just because the blackheads are gone they seem smaller.
I got small tester bottles to try how my skin reacts on them. I picked Mint one for mornings and lavender to calm my skin in the evening. Unfortunately, the Mint one made my face itch, so stick to the Lavender one. But the mint soap made a wonderful shower gel.
They leather super nicely and you don’t need much at all.

Boots Botanics 

Rose water toner

AMAZING! I’m on my third bottle and it looks like we have an HG product here.
Not drying at all, though the fact that it has alcohol in it almost put me off in store (luckily I still picked it up). It does everything I ever wanted from a toner - clears up, calms down and every time when I apply it I feel hmmmm… not sure if makes any sense- I feel as if my skin takes a deep breath.

Soothing eye makeup remover

Let me just say that this kid has replaced LancĂ´me Bi-facile remover. It’s so much nicer for me and leaves fewer residue and what’s more important It has no problem removing my favorite waterproof Hypnose (which seemed to be impossible). Although if you wear a waterproof liner you are very likely to be left with traces around your eyes, or maybe it’s just me. I also have a feeling that it has improved my eyelash condition – they seem to be fuller and shinier. An as I didn’t add anything to my routine except for this one and the eye cream – I guess it has to be due to one of them.

Here's what I use afterwards 

Boots expert hydrating eye cream

When I was buying the Botanics range I wanted to get their eye cream as well, but they were out, so I went with this one. Actually I like it. I didn’t think it would do that much considering its price tag ($5 as far as I remember). I wear contacts and work on the computer all day long so my eyes don’t need much to get irritated. With many creams I find that they feel great when you apply them, but in the morning you get red itchy and puffy eyes. The Boots one it really great although keep in mind that it needs some time to absorb.

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion

To be honest I’m just using it up – I’ve been using their 3-step system for almost 6 month and I didn’t really notice that it worked any better than any of my previous routines. I’ve just ran out of my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for sensitive skin. Now this one is great. Got to get myself a new one soon or maybe go with Alba Aloe Vera and Green Tea moisturizer. Has anybody tried this one? What do you think on it?

Tea tree oil

I use it as a spot treatment and add 4 drops in my water mist (say hi to Lush Tea Tree Toner  from me=)) It is a magic product. The key is not to use too much as tea tree oil can be extremely drying.

Other stuff I use weekly 

I exfoliate twice a week once with St. Ives Tea Tree Oil Scrub and once with Murad Pomegranate Mask.

St. Ives Scrub has very refined beads and really doesn’t hurt my face unlike their Apricot one which I hate for what I did to my face with just one application (but let’s not talk about the past). I like it though I try to stay away from salicylic acid, because I have a feeling that my skin gets used to it and misbehaves after I discontinue using such a product. But I guess it just doesn’t have enough time to get used to this scrub since they only meet once a week.

Murad Pomegranate Mask – I love it – you can literally see it work, pores clear up and shrink and stay this way for about 2-3 days! Yay!!! For me that IS a lot. It comes in a box with 6 treatments. I find that one package is actually enough for 4-5 applications, so I dispense each pack in a tight closing jar. 

So that’s probably it. If you made it through this post – Congratulations!!! I kind of got carried away a little bit.

By the way if you are curios I found Dr Bronner’s and Boots products in Target.

What is your routine? Do you have any HG or just surprisingly good products to recommend?

Have a beautiful time of the day, ladies



Katastrophic said...

So I have been looking for a good toner that is not too harsh on the skin. I am currently using Clinique's acne toner to keep my skin clear, but I think it is really drying and harsh. I'll have to look into that rosewater toner. It sounds fantastic

SkyBlueDream said...

Definitely try it out! I keep using Clinique's one as a spot treatment, this way it works quite good

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