Saturday, July 24, 2010

My 2 cents on mascara

As for me I can really survive having only 3 makeup products in a daily makeup routine– foundation (liquid or powder), mascara and lipbalm – I’m not saying that everything else is useless or unnecessary, but those 3 can be enough.

And I am convinced that those three require the most attention. If you have cakey or greasy foundation on I doubt that your blush/bronzer/highlighter will have any chance to be complementary no matter how good they are.

Nourished lips can pull off almost any lipstick or even a bare look.

Now mascara is an absolutely magical product. It can completely transform/improve/ruin your look depending on the quality. I haven’t seen a person yet who was able to rock a panda look caused by fallouts and smudges (unlike smudged eyeliners or eye shadows).  While long and fool lashes can easily become the most attractive “accessory”.

If you are interested - my all time top 3 mascaras are (in no particular order)

1.       Maybelline Full’n’Soft – my first mascara ever! As a loyal fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my early teens as soon as I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar in this commercial I had to have it though I didn’t wear makeup before that. Seems like I was a sucker for marketing using celebrities from the very beginning, I never had a chance, did I? And I keep coming back to this mascara for more than 10 years (sounds scary – I didn’t realize I am THAT old). It does just what it says – makes your lashes full and soft, providing just a perfect mix of length and volume for me. Some people say it smudges a lot, but I didn’t notice anything like that. The down side – it’s not really buildable and as its soft don't expect it to be good in holding curls.

2.       Lancôme Hypnose – separates, lengthens and adds volume, great at holding curls and I don’t have any smudges or fallouts. As I have allergies I prefer waterproof version in the summer time, which can be a mess to remove, but I like it – and it lets you keep lashes curled until you take it off. 

3.      Diorshow – love them both the original one and the Blackout. I especially love the huge brush as I have rather big eyes and it’s very convenient to work with. I find it applies without clumping, leaves no fallouts or smudges and leaves my lashes looking very full, I would even say “rich”.  Although none of my friends seem to care for it – some say that its nothing special, others hate it calling it too clumpy– I guess if you prefer to add layers it might lose its charm – I only wear 1-2 coats, so for me it work amazing. The only down side that I personally notice – the price tag.

But the thing with makeup junkies is that as much as we love our HG products- twice as much we always want to try something new.

So here’s what I have in my drawer today 

*didn’t like the curved brush, so I switched with the Almay 3-in-1 mascara – which I didn’t use(so no contamination possibility there).
1.      Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume  - provides great volume and even adds length, buildable, holds curl for a couple of hours, starts flaking on me in about 6 hours, I didn’t notice any smudges though.

2.       L’Oreal Voluminous  - good volume, fair-to-poor length (though it never claimed to add length), buildable, lasts all day without falling out, but smudges like crazy, doesn’t seem to hold curls. 

3.       L’Oreal Collagen – me-no-like-it, absolutely nothing special, can clump on the first application before you let it dry up for a couple of weeks, adds a bit of volume, but mostly only color, flakes a lot and stays for about 3-4 hours only. I don’t really remember it holding the curl.   

4.       Lancôme Hypnose – see description in a top 3 above. Yay! I managed to stick with at least one HG product!          

5.       Lancôme Cils Design PRO – very close to Hypnose, the only reason it’s not in the top products – because it costs $10 more for the feature I don’t use. It comes in a two-sided tube. Both have the same product but different applicators. First you apply mascara with a traditional wand, and then if you want a more dramatic finish – you can use a comb on the other end. Very nice product. I think I like the formulation better then the Hypnose’ one, but the brush is a bit too skinny for me.

What are your experiences with mascara? Any warnings/recommendations? Let me know if you would like to see how any of the mentioned mascaras look like on.

Xoxo, have a great and hopefully sunny weekend



Katastrophic said...

Those that you recommend are some of my favorite mascaras too!

I would have to say that Dior is my all time favorite brand. :)

SkyBlueDream said...

Since we have same preferences, can you by any chance recommend me something else? I'm on the market for a new one, though I always seem to be on the market for a mascara :)

Katastrophic said...

I think the Maybelline Colossal Volume is a very good one with a nice price tag. :) It adds a lot of volume without the flakes or smudges. It has a light fragrance, which I don't mind. But if you apply more than two coats or too generously, it may clump. There is also a waterproof version that stays on forever and ever.

Lancome's Definicils is another good one, but about the same price as Diorshow. :( The wand is thinner though. It is long lasting and adds good length and thickness to your eyelashes. I think I may prefer Diorshow though, so this may not be a great buy.

Have you tried L'oreal's Telescopic? I want to, but fear that I would get too lazy to use the tiny wand.

Oh how we love to slurge on what we don't need. =) Mascaras are so addicting.

SkyBlueDream said...

Colossal! Thanks for reminding - I tried it a year ago and almost forgot that I liked it. To be honest I think I like when mascaras have a fragrance added better then when they smell of chemicals.

I think that Telescopic's wand is too thin for my likes, I never tried it though. After a fail with Collagen one I got a bit disappointed with L'Oreal's mascaras. Don't think they can do any better then Voluminous

Café Bellini said...

I also did a post on all my mascaras (I usually have over 10 in my drawer at any one time!), have a look! Lancome does good mascaras but I haven't used their stuff for ages. The MAC ones are quite good - no bias, even if I used to work there :-) I'm always looking for THE mascara but it's SO difficult, wouldn't you agree? Following!

Marilou said...

My favourite is definitely the cover girl lashblast! I already used almost 5 bottles of this precious little jewel. I also love the voluminous by L'oreal. And I recently use a lot YSL effet faux cils, expensive but effective :)

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